29 July 2018

Favourite summer food

I have a lot of summer favourites in food. I just love eating fresh peas straight from the pods, boiled or grilled new potatoes, fresh berries, seasonal mushrooms, fresh onions, watermelons etc. It's just nice to eat all kinds of colourful food right now.

An ensemble of fried halloumi, mac'n'cheese, carrots, red cabbage, pickled red cabbage, slow-roasted tomatoes and fresh green leaves is just the type of plateful that I really want to be eating in the summertime, especially in this current heat. This plate was just assembled more or less from left-overs, which is always sensible.

This sort of dish can basically be any seasonal vegetables or berries with a bit of protein and carbohydrates on the side, and should ideally require minimal heating.

What do you like eating in the summer?

Your VegHog


  1. That is a lovely plateful of colour! I love roasted or pan fried Summer squash/courgette and this year we're also enjoying aubergine cooked in the same way - hot or cold, with or without dressing. Dee-lish!

    1. Oh yes, pan fried courgettes and aubergines are also lovely in the summer!


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