7 July 2018

Beetroot falafel

The weather has still been great here, only too dry, as the plants and animals would desperately need some water to drink. I hope that everyone is remembering to put shallow water bowls to your gardens for hedgehogs and others, if there is also a dry and hot spell in your area!

There was only one cloudier day this week, but otherwise it has been hot. I've tried to stay in the shade, as I'm not too keen of hot weather either. But it's also good, as I found a bunch of summer clothing that I haven't been able to wear for ages due to chilly weather last year. They all feel like new now and my holiday wardrobe is thereby sorted.

So I made these colourful beetroot falafel the other day. I wish I had made this falafel mix myself, but no, it is a shop bought new variant with chickpeas and beetroot. The mix holds together very well when fried and is easy to shape, so I've bought it a few times now. The beetroot flavour is present, but it's not too overpowering. This mix makes a great change to regular falafel, and I'm sure that it would also make great veggie burgers.

Beetroot falafel


400 g beetroot falafel mix
Vegetable oil for frying
Pita bread
Cashew nut and almond hummus
Tomato slices
Yellow bell pepper pieces
Mixed salad leaves
Pickled red onion


Shape falafel from the mix and fry them in oil until crispy on the outside.

Prepare the vegetables and other toppings.

Serve the falafel with the pita bread and toppings.


Your VegHog


  1. looks delicious - we have cold weather here but not enough rain for the farmers and plants - though there is enough for when we are out and about.

    1. Oh that's a shame, just the wrong kind of weather, if at least the plants would get enough... I'm a bit worried about this year's crops here, as it's way too dry.


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