5 May 2019

In My Kitchen in May

How can it be May already? Well it's very springlike here already, even though the weather still keeps changing a lot. I guess that's typical for spring anyway. Here is what's new in my kitchen at the moment.

I've had busy times travelling for business, so I brought some souvenirs from my business trips to Düsseldorf, Cologne and Vienna. They are mainly just local sweets and drinks shopped at the airports, as I didn't have much time for shopping otherwise. 

Easter went by fast, but I had decorations up and of course there were also Easter beers and eggs.

A dried ramson, wild garlic, spice is new in my kitchen. I haven't managed to get any fresh ones yet, but I guess this dried one is nice too.

Here are some foods that I've cooked recently. I made the Finnish classic Karjalanpiirakat, Karelian pies. They contain savoury rice pudding in a thin rye crust, and are just heavenly when eaten warm with butter on top. I use my grandmother's recipe when making these, as I used to make them together with her.

These risotto burgers with mac'n'cheese were quite nice too.

I also made some veggie noodles with soya bits.

Here is just a random food shopping haul from the other day.

I'm sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings blog. She is hosting the In My Kitchen blog challenge.

Your VegHog


  1. The weather in Wales is so changeable, even though its dry Its very cold. I am able to harvest fresh wild garlic, but will still look out for the dried ramson showcased here as it would be a good ingredient to have at home. I Always admire your homemade Finnish classic Karjalanpiirakat, Karelian pies.

  2. What fun to be able to carry those beers back home. We always feel so burdened with ourselves and our luggage that we never seem to shop in the airport shops, which as you show, are often nicely stocked.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Sounds like you are doing some interesting eating and travelling! I am curious about the cloud hoppers and that burger with mac and cheese is the comfort food we need as it gets cold - and I would love some of your finnish pastries to try.

  4. hi veg hog
    the cloud hoppers look interesting. what do you do with them? it sounds like you travel a fair bit for work. must get tiring i think?:) mm i'm not a big fan of pasta and i always find macaroni cheese a bit heavy. but i guess in denmark, you sometimes need comfort foods that fill the gap! have a good May. cheers sherry and thanks for joining us!!

  5. It seems that we're all having changable weather, I wish it would change back to the hot and sunny days we had for Easter! Asparagus has been in our shopping bags recently too. We grilled it last night - I think that's how I'll cook it from now on, rather than steaming. It was delicious with fried gnocci, tomatoes and marinated tofu.

  6. Ha ha – I like your idea of airport shopping. Schnapps, beer and candy. I had never heard of Karelian pies until we flew on Finnair and visited Finland. Not surprising really, given that we live literally at the other end of the planet. I know they are much beloved and whilst I didn’t mind them, they didn’t set my world alight. I suspect that’s a combination of not trying some really good pies and, it’s the sort of thing you need to have grown up on (like Vegemite). Lovely tour of the sights and sounds of your kitchen.



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