27 July 2019

Creamy bell pepper pasta

Another July week has passed by quickly, but now summer is at its best. It's really warm here (a bit too warm for me actually, but I'm not complaining), and the atmosphere in town is relaxed. A lot of people are on holiday, so the office is also quieter, which is always a plus. We are planning to spend today in the nearby park chilling.

I just wanted to quickly wish you all a nice weekend and post some pictures of this creamy bell pepper pasta that I recently made. I slow cooked the onions and bell pepper pieces and then infused some oat cream with them and added some basic spices and herbs. What a nice summer pasta it was. I ate a bit too much of it.

I will try to write another post tomorrow, maybe something from today's park adventure.

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog

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