29 September 2019

Chickpea, potato and cauliflower curry

Today is a big day in Copenhagen. After a decade of building work, the new cityring metro line will open. There will be a celebration with live music and the new driverless trains will start driving in the afternoon. We will also get a new station closer to our home, which is very exciting. We will try to catch a train from there later today. As an additional plus, public transport is free in whole Copenhagen today. It will be an exciting day. I can't wait to see the design of our new station.

But now first to this curry. I made a chickpea and potato curry with roasted cauliflower. It was quite a basic vegan curry with garam masala, carrots and spinach and I served homemade naan breads on the side. I though that the roasted cauliflower added a bit of extra to it and made it a bit more unusual. I decided not to share the recipe here, as the curry has just some basic ingredients in it. I have posted similar recipes many times.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. that looks pretty with the cauliflower on top - I am sure I have made a chickpea, potato and caulil curry recently with cauli in it but I like the way you serve this. And your naan bread looks wonderful - did you make it?

    Am very jealous of your new metro stations - we have one in the works but it is years from being completed and there is lots of disruption in the city - however it will be great when it is done - I am told it will make it possible for more regular trains - fingers crossed - enjoy the celebrations and hope you manage to ride a train from your new station today - historic moment!

  2. I hope you had a good train trip from your new local station - how exciting. I don't travel on trains much so always find it a bit of a treat - like going back a Century :-) Maybe that's just British trains :-D
    Love that roasted cauliflower, it's made my lunch look rather dull in comparison!

  3. The naan and curry both look really delicious. You tempt me to try your recipes!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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