17 October 2019

Pizza is life

I'm always in the mood for pizza, especially homemade variants, and I quite often bake pizzas at home. I would describe my homemade pizzas as “rustic”, as they are not perfect, just comforting and tasty, but not the best looking perhaps. If I eat pizza in restaurants, I often find myself ordering a Pizza Margherita, as I think that the true skill is in the basics.

Over the years I have tried to perfect my pizza dough recipe, but I think that there is still work to be done. I don't measure the ingredients when I mix them for the dough, but just make it by feeling and experience. Good dry yeast is essential for me when making the dough, and I have luckily found my favourite product. I prefer a thin crust, and a spelt and wheat mix for the dough, but lately I have sometimes been making a thicker crust. I mainly make a full baking tray rectangular pizzas, because I think that it's a more practical shape for home baking. I would only very rarely make a round pizza.

I collected pizza photos from a few months, and I'm sure you'll get the drift of my favourite toppings by looking at them. For me it's crystal clear that pineapple belongs on a pizza, and it is on most of my pizzas, sometimes tinned, sometimes fresh pineapple. Another favourites of mine as pizza toppings are olives, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, and often instead of Mozzarella I prefer hearty Cheddar. That's why many of my pizza photos are rather orange. Cheese of course is essential for a pizza, and I like a double cheese pizza. I use different cheeses on my own pizzas: emmental, cheddar, mozzarella and sometimes a mix or even yet another cheese style. I think it's nice to use different kind of cheeses on pizzas.

I normally make the tomato sauce myself, just a basic garlicky sauce, preferably puréed smooth before spreading on the pizza dough. Sometimes I put a veggie ragout made with vegetarian mince on the pizza, or occasionally just fresh tomatoes instead of a sauce altogether.

Here are now quite a few pizza photos. I would love to hear what's your favourite pizza like, and do you make pizza often at home?

Your VegHog


  1. These pictures are making me hungry - I love pizza too - it is a nice easy friday night dinner! I love pineapple too though don't often get organised enough to have it but if I do I really love the pineapple, olives, capsicum and mushroom combo with tomato sauce and cheese. Leftovers on pizza are great - cauliflower cheese (good with olives), nutroast crumbled and my latest is indulgent spag bol on pizza - mmmmmmm

    1. I agree that Friday evenings are the best for such pizza feasts, and I really like your leftover suggestions. I need to try those too, especially the cauliflower cheese!

  2. Blimey, so many pizza variations. Please do share your pizza base recipe, mine are hit and miss.

    1. I will try to measure the ingredients the next time I make a pizza base. It's difficult, as just made by the feeling.


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