7 October 2019

In My Kitchen in October

My favourite season autumn is here! The trees are starting to turn colourful, days are shorter and mornings can be frosty. I just love it, as it's somehow so cosy. I also love all the seasonal food in the autumn. Here is a little peek to my autumnal kitchen.

Here is some of the lovely seasonal produce I've recently purchased: chanterelle mushrooms, corn cobs, tenderstem broccoli, cactus figs etc. I've also made a little pine cone and pumpkin display on the dining table.

I haven't bought that many new food items lately, but here are some: Yeast flakes and smoked tofu by Vantastic Foods. I find the quality of their products excellent and there is also a nice tofu character. 

I made a dessert with butter-pecan ice-cream and dark chocolate popcorn bites. It was a nice dessert, a bit more unusual, but very quick to make.

Here are some of my autumn dishes.

Vegan chilli with kidney beans and bell pepper, and sweetcorn rice

Creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes

Fondant potatoes with vegan nuggets and steamed tenderstem broccoli

Red lentil and roasted bell pepper lasagne

I'm sharing this post once again with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings blog, who is hosting the In My Kitchen challenge.

Have a nice new week!

Your VegHog


  1. your vegie display at the top is really lovely and so colourful - are the cactus figs the same as prickly pears. Cute tofu character. Love the popcorn dessert, the thyme potatoes and the lasgna. enjoy your frosty autumn mornings!

  2. Mmm, the mushrooms and mashed potato looks lovely. As do the fondant potatoes. Very tasty, I'm sure.

  3. Hi, Veg Hog! Hope you're enjoying ongoing Autumn. (My favorite Season, too.) Looks like you've been cooking up some heartwarming dishes -- red lentil lasagne, fingerling potatoes, the "foxy" vegan chili, and mushroom-potato mash combo. Cute pine cone & squash display, too. Stay warm!

  4. hi veg hog
    thanks for joining us for IMK. i really like your tablecloth/placemat? whatever it is, the one with the foxes - so cute. oh and thanks for using my badge - i appreciate it. Your lasagne looks very tasty tho i'm not sure about the tofu and yeast flakes:) love the sound of the ice cream and popcorn bites. have a good month. cheers sherry

  5. I must say, it's rare for me to read about someone saying farewell to summer and welcoming autumn. I can't believe the colour of those chanterelles – they are amazing! It is never cold enough for them to grow here so I'm always impressed by mushrooms and nuts and apples that grow locally. The creamy mushroom sauce would be a firm fave in our house. Thanks for the tour.


  6. The contents in your kitchen look so good. The cactus figs are amazing and i love the fresh chanterelles, i never seem to find them fresh here :(

  7. That lasagne looks delicious! Are cactus figs the same thing as prickly pears?

  8. I love the name cactus figs - we used to call them prickly pears here, and then they removed the prickles. Now they are called cactus pears :)


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