17 March 2021

Champ with vegan bacon


As it is St. Patrick’s Day today, it inspired me to make a little Irish style dish yesterday. In the end it wasn’t too Irish, as my leek addition sent it maybe on the other side of the Irish sea to Wales. Anyway I tried to make champ, which is a traditional Irish dish, potato mash with scallions. I also added buttered leeks, onion, garlic and Cheddar to the mash.

I made my own vegan bacon to go with it. I will post the bacon recipe once I have experimented with it a few times more, but it was quite excellent. On the side I served fried vegan Bratwurst and kale, beetroot and cabbage slaw. It was a nice dinner.


So I guess none of us are really celebrating St. Paddy’s this year, but are you making some special green food or drinks to mark the day? In any case, have a nice day!

Your VegHog


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