27 March 2021



I’ve been watching some old UK Masterchef seasons, the ones I’ve missed since I moved away. Of course the cooking in that program is very meat oriented, but I quite enjoy watching it. In one episode a contestant made martabak, which instantly got my interest, as I hadn’t heard about it before. Martabak or murtabak is a stuffed pan-fried bread traditionally cooked in the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia.

I followed this recipe as a guidance for making the dough. For the filling I made Bombay potato style spicy potatoes with chickpeas. It was a really nice dish and I will surely make martabak again. The options are endless thinking of what sort of different fillings you can make. All in all this was a very tasty vegan dish.

Martabak dough

300 g wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp oil

190 ml water


Mix the ingredients for the dough and knead.

Soak the dough in oil for one hour.

In the meanwhile make your desired filling.

Once the dough is ready, stretch it to thin sheets, fill them with your filling and fold into small parcels.

Fry the parcels in a pan until slightly crispy and golden brown.


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