1 April 2021

Oven potatoes with vegan bacon


I made the vegan bacon with pea-based protein bits. First I rehydrated them in water and soy sauce and then pan-fried them. The bits were then coated with smoky umami sauce, soy sauce, oil, smoked paprika and miso and grilled in the oven. The bacon was very nice and I have also had it with beans on toast.

My oven potatoes were my standard twice-baked leek and cheese ones, which are always very comforting. I slip in a little bit of dry cider to the leek mix and it works wonders for the flavour.

Your VegHog


  1. Sounds interesting - I love the sound of twice baked potatoes as well as the facon!

  2. We had baked potatoes with cheese and Vivera bacon last week, such a tasty meal! And good reheated the following day too 😋


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