24 April 2021

Wild garlic and potato pizza


Oh how I love this wild garlic season! I haven’t been out harvesting it myself this year, but I’ve bought a few bunches from the vegetable market. I’m so inspired by all the spring produce right now, so there will be further recipes to come.

This was a wild garlic and potato pizza with slow-cooked cherry tomatoes, smoked burrata, garlic, mozzarella and wild garlic pesto. I made quite a thin crust pizza and it was very nice.

Have you been eating a lot of nice spring vegetables?

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog



  1. We don't get wild garlic here - not that I have seen anyway! I am amazed how much you put on the pizza - I gather it is not cooked??? Enjoy the spring weather - I was stewing apples today and feeling quite autumnal.

    1. Yes I put quite a lot of it on the pizza and it wasn't cooked. It wasn't too garlicky though (at least not for me!). I envy you a little bit for the autumn, as I love it so much.


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