16 April 2016

Copenhagen photo story

Here is one final holiday post just collecting my favourite places and impressions from Copenhagen. I'm awfully sorry for the delay in posting, I just couldn't get to writing this before. I'm already missing Copenhagen, I wonder when I can go back... This time I detected many new places, got acquainted with a new artist and had wonderful culinary experiences. I hope you'll enjoy the photos with me, maybe they can translate some of that wonderful atmosphere here onto the blog.

The trip from Vaasa via Stockholm to Copenhagen was going well, but it got even better when they were serving Mikkeller beer on the Scandinavian Airlines plane from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Mikkeller brewed this beer especially for SAS and I was so happy that they had a couple of cans left for us.

The Mikkeller theme continued once we reached Copenhagen, again we simply had to visit Mikkeller bars and their new bottle shop in Torvehallerne food market several times. We visited also their new bar, the very friendly Mikropolis. They had one of the best G&Ts I've ever tasted made with Mikkeller gin and tonic of the house. The new bottle shop is now at a more convenient location, as I would want to hang around most of the time in Torvehallerne anyway. I wrote about this place last year and it's still one of my absolute favourites. We had Gorm's superior pizza margherita, baked goods and a few drinks there.

The Circle Bridge designed by artist Olafur Eliasson is a new impressive looking bridge in Christianshavn. We always stay in this area and the bridge wasn't just beautiful to look at, but it also shortened our walking ways considerably.

We always climb onto the top of Rundetaarn, the round tower, to see great views of Copenhagen and this time was no different. Rundetaarn also hosts many nice art exhibitions and now they had Sven Okkels' exhibition Alt mellem Himmel og Jord malerier fra 1946 til 2016 on. I just loved his work and bought the exhibition book to get more acquainted with him.

We also paid a visit to the Botanic Gardens, which is a nice place to have a stroll and look at exotic plants.

Then there's a bunch of random photos of canals, architecture, vegetables etc. I hope you do enjoy!


  1. Consider yourself lucky .....I've never been to Copenhagen, looks amazing!

    1. I know I am very lucky to have been able to go there many times. It's a great city.


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