16 June 2016

Mikkeller gin & tonic with strawberries and blood orange

We just had quite heavy thunderstorms here, so I thought it would be nice to think about more sunshiny things. Actually not really, as I really like thunderstorms and this time I even managed to stay semi-dry, so can't complain. Anyway when it was warmer and sunnier a while ago I made these gin & tonic drinks with local fresh strawberries and blood orange that had kept in fine condition in the fridge. Now I've definitely run out of blood oranges. I used Mikkeller gin that is a special thing to have and I buy a bottle maybe couple of times a year. I really like it, it's really brilliant quality with nice artwork. It makes me miss Copenhagen again!

So here's the drink and the ingredients for one glass were about the following:

4 cl Mikkeller gin
200 ml tonic
2 strawberries sliced
½ blood orange sliced

Have further a good week, almost weekend now!

Your VegHog

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