6 June 2016

New potatoes are here!

The new potato season has now started in England, but I wish I was in Finland. The new potatoes there have such a nice flavour, it's much more special than here. A hint of it can be tasted in the English new potatoes as well, but it's only a promise of the true flavour.

I have fond childhood memories of new potatoes. It always was quite a special time of the year once they started appearing, summer had started and school was out (in Finland school summer holidays start in late May or early June and last until mid August). Those potatoes were so tasty beyond comparison, which is fascinating to think about that I could love potatoes so much as a child! I still love potatoes, and especially the new season ones and I'm still excited when starting to see them in the shops.

I normally just boil or steam the new potatoes and scoff them with butter only and possibly with a side salad. Good new potatoes pretty much melt in your mouth when nicely boiled and they don't need much company, let alone a sauce.

This time I served some other sides with the new potatoes: cream-free cauliflower cheese, steamed asparagus and some fresh tomatoes and lettuce on the side. All of this made a very nice and summery dish. I can't wait to make more nice new potato dishes. What are your favourite combinations for new potatoes?

Your VegHog

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