26 June 2016

Vibrant Forest Brewery Summer Beer Festival

I had a lovely day out yesterday. First a forest walk in New Forest spotting wildlife and plants and then a beer festival. I haven't been much to New Forest lately, even though it's basically right at our doorstep. It was nice to go again to watch ponies and cows graze.

The beer festival was organised by the local Vibrant Forest Brewery. Already last year I went to their autumn beer festival. This time we also got to sample excellent beers and ciders and there was even a vegan café, Radical Roots Cafe. Also all the beers are vegan friendly, as they are unfined. Vibrant Forest launched their new beer called Bourbon Oktober, an imperial Russian stout. It was a really tasty and strong dark beer. Belgian Zuur is one of my favourites and I had quite a bit of that. It's a pale sour, very drinkable and citrusy.

Here are a few photos from yesterday, which was a partly thundery and partly sunny day.

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