8 June 2016

In my kitchen in June

Time to show you a couple of my new kitchen items and some other stuff too. I hope you like the products as much as I do.

I celebrated my birthday end of last month with a Dino party, as seen in a previous post. I just loved this dino party set, although it's a shame that the items are disposable. Luckily I still have enough stuff for a couple of more parties.

My partner got me some beautiful little vegetable and wildlife themed brooches and a hedgehog necklace as a present. He had even drawn this lovely card, so cute!

He also got me this marble plate with a little bowl and a wooden coaster. I really love the more natural and less polished dark marble. These will be part of some wonderful food presentations in the future. I can't wait to use them.

It really seems that I have been extra nice this year (does it only count for Christmas or birthdays too?), as he also got me these beautiful ceramic bowls. I loved the mismatch colours, as he knows that food bloggers need many different presentations.

Another newcomer to my kitchen is purple basil that I found in a shop and now want to put it everywhere. I hope you don't get tired easily looking at some purple spots on my food presentations! The basil itself is very fragrant so it's great to use and a nice change from the usual green.

I'm sharing this post with Maureen's In my kitchen for June.

Your VegHog


  1. Belated happy birthday - lovely gifts - I particularly love those little blue and white bowls - will look forward to seeing them in your posts - and I will never ever get tired of your purple basil - it is very striking

  2. Belated Birthday wishes. I love the brooches, esp. the carrot.

  3. Happy belated birthday, you got some beautiful presents - I just love the marble plate / chopping board / cheese platter and the wooden coaster could be used for gnocchi also. Those coloured bowls are gorgeous too :) Lots of beauties for #IMK this month, see you soon x

    1. Thank you! That's a very good idea with the gnocchi!


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