26 June 2016

What's going on in my balcony garden

Suddenly due to the warmer weather my plants have seriously started growing. It's been wet and damp, but also fairly warm, so the plants are liking it quite a bit. Unfortunately there have also been a few slug sightings and I do not like those creatures. They haven't done much damage, but I don't want to have them around at all. I have put copper wire around some of the pots of the plants that are most attractive to them, so hopefully they will stay safe. There is also a minor aphid plague at the moment, which is quite annoying. But apart from that everything is growing nicely.

The tomato vines are already pretty high and in bloom. I have bound them today so that they can steadily grow in height. It seems that none of the bush tomatoes started growing and these are all tigerella vines, which I love anyway.

The courgette is about to bloom and has huge leaves. I think I'll have to move it to another corner, where it would have more space.

Strawberries could already be harvested. It was nice to have the first juicy produce of the summer.

The dwarf beans have grown in height and are in bloom. I like to have them on the upper edge of the balcony railing.

The bell peppers are also growing steadily and have several fruits on them. Can't wait to harvest those.

It's looking pretty good and green at the moment. More updates to follow.

Your VegHog


  1. Your balancony garden is fab, it reminds me of when I only had a window box and I feel humbled. I have nasturtium growing in the garden, but nothing pregoressive in my garden worth showing off yet - other than the strawberries, mustn't forget them

    1. Well, a few strawberries are the first crops. Hopefully there'll be more, but I'm already glad to get some green camouflage to hide our front windows. :)


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