30 September 2013


One more post before September ends, and this is just a basic hummus recipe. I know hummus can be bought anywhere, but by making it yourself it's fresh and you'll know what went into it. Hummus is a great chickpea dip for finger food and paste for veggie sandwiches and burgers and simply has to be a part of any vegan's or vegetarian's diet. I especially like a simple and light lunch of vegetable sticks and hummus as a dip.

As I use dried chickpeas for my hummus the preparation takes overnight, but it's totally worth the wait.


200g dried chickpeas
2 garlic cloves
1 lemon's juice
4tbsp olive oil
4tbsp water
1tsp paprika
1tsp cumin
1tsp salt


Cover the dried chickpeas with cold water and let them soak overnight. Then bring them to the boil. First heavily boil them for a couple of minutes and then let them boil slower for about one hour until they are soft. Stir occasionally.

Let the chickpeas cool and then continue with the preparations. Chop the garlic and squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. Add the chickpeas and season with paprika, cumin and salt. Add the olive oil and water and puree into an even paste. Taste again and add more seasoning or more fluid if needed.

Drizzle little olive oil and paprika on the top for serving and that's it.

I will be posting dishes where I have used my hummus later. Until then, stay hungry!

Your VegHog


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    I lovelovelove hummus and I've always wanted to try making it.
    I'll have to by some chickpeas because I have every other ingredient in the house already. :)


    1. I know and it's so versatile. I really enjoyed the hummus addition to my lunch today.


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