17 September 2013

Giant couscous with roasted onion squash

I just noticed a curious thing: among all these recipe posts there isn't a single couscous dish, although it's one of my favourites! I really need to correct this mishap immediately and therefore I'm posting a couscous dish today.

Couscous is a brilliant ingredient for vegetable dishes. For this one I chose onion squash as the main vegetable, it's sweet and nutty and perfect in couscous. Instead of regular couscous I used giant couscous and it was very flavoursome variation since I also cooked it in vegetable stock.


½ onion squash
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
100g giant couscous
200ml vegetable stock
100g fresh tomatoes
Couple of sun-dried tomatoes
A few pine nuts
Nettle salt (this is not a necessity, normal salt or herb salt are just fine as well)
Ground black pepper
Vegetable oil


Cut an onion squash in half and remove the seeds. Place one half on a baking dish and brush the squash half with oil. Save the other half for another tasty dish. I have some nice squash recipes here, have a look! Roast it at 180C for about 40 minutes or until tender. When the squash is roasted cut it into small cubes.

Prepare a vegetable stock and add very finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes there and season it with thyme. Leave it to rest for a while.

Chop the shallots and the garlic and fry them in oil. Add the tomatoes, the pine nuts and then the onion squash cubes to the pan. Leave it at low heat while you prepare the couscous in a separate pan.

The preparation of the giant couscous is slightly different than that of regular couscous. Fry the couscous lightly in a little olive oil. Add the vegetable stock to the pan once the couscous is fried golden brown. Stir continuously until all the water has absorbed, but add more water if the couscous isn't tender yet. Cooking of the giant couscous takes about 15 minutes.

Combine the squash and the couscous and mix. Season with salt and pepper. And there it is, a very easy autumnal vegan squash couscous.

Your VegHog

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