7 January 2014

1st VegHog birthday

Today is the 1st anniversary of The VegHog blog! It's somehow unbelievable that it has already been one year since I started as I only feel like a small VegHoglet, but I'm very proud to have made it for a year. I'm so grateful for all your encouraging comments during the year and I hope you'll still have fun reading this blog in the future.

During this first year of vegetarian food blogging I got hungry for more. I had the opportunity to share some of my all time favourite vegetarian recipes and fully new creations with you and it has truly been a ball. You can have a look back at my first introduction post on January 7th 2013, but I don't think that my plans have changed that much since. Maybe I have sometimes started giving you more accurate descriptions of my recipes, the ingredient amounts and such, which is good.

Always remember that I love reading your comments in general and hearing from you when you have tried my recipes. Let's have a great second year!

Your most humble VegHog


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    1. Thank you very much, Sirkka!

      What would you like to see cooked here during year two?


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