20 April 2015

Rye crisps with fresh vegetables and cottage cheese

Guess what, I'm on holiday again. Last week was very hectic, busy, full of work etc., but now I can have a little break. I'm visiting my family in Finland, so it's a suitable time to post about rye crisp canapés. I made them with different vegetables and cottage cheese. These were very nice spring snacks, yet somewhat filling thanks to cottage cheese and rye.

These are the ingredients I used:

Rye crisps
Baby plum tomatoes
Fresh basil
Cottage cheese
Salt + ground black pepper

I'm buying the rice crisps in Finland whenever I'm on holiday, but you can maybe get similar products where ever you live.

To make the canapés I just chopped baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and fresh basil into small cubes and filled some rye crisps with them and cottage cheese. 

Have a nice week!

Your VegHog

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