26 April 2015

Potato pies in spelt crust

I'm back home in England again, but of course my Finland holiday is influencing my cooking more than usual. I brought some lovely Finnish products with me and will be using them in my cooking. Today's recipe is my take on traditional Finnish potato pies.

I have already posted a similar recipe for these pies under the title Finnish potato pies, where you can read the detailed instructions. Only this time I made slightly different pies in spelt crust and unpeeled potatoes, but the making principle is the same. The potato mash maintained such a strong potato flavour as the potatoes weren't peeled and the spelt crust was basically just one of my easy spelt pizza doughs (similar recipe is here). Another difference was that I made these pies a bit bigger and rounder than usual. 

I always think that these pies take a long time to make, but in fact they can be quick especially due to some of the alterations I made this time. Even left-over mash can be used to make these. I'm only saying this to people, who might sometimes have left-over mash. I personally never have that, I love it too much and always eat all of it.

Anyway give these pies a try, they are wonderful served warm with butter!

Your VegHog

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