30 November 2015

Fondant potatoes with romanesco bake and roasted carrots

Fondant potatoes are so lovely, but oh so difficult to get just right. Mine were just fine this time, although a bit more browning would've been nice. I will have to keep trying to get the perfect fondants one day.

With interest I read Felicity Cloake's recent article How to make the perfect fondant potatoes and everyone can decide based on that what combinations to use. I didn't make my fondant potatoes the same way as Felicity, maybe next time. I first fried the potatoes in butter, which had a small addition of oil in it and then cooked the potatoes in vegetable stock with thyme and garlic. I always think that the stock is the best part in this dish and I always save it either for just some drinking broth or some other recipe, it's so good! Am I the only one who drinks fondant potato broth? 

I served my fondants with roasted carrots and a romanesco bake. Finally I bought my first romanesco! It was quite good, a bit of a mix between cauliflower and broccoli, and I really like the weird look of it with its pointy florets. I steamed the florest first and then baked with cheese. I also added a little bit of pre-fried onion and garlic in there and salt and pepper.

This was quite a pleasing dish.

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  1. If I was dining at yours and your placed this meal in front of me, I'd feel like I was at a restaurant - super presentation and I have no doubt it tasted good too - I love fondant potatoes, but rarely and I mean rarely make them.

    1. Oh that is so kind of you thank you very much! It was a nice meal, especially the potatoes.

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