12 November 2015

From dinner to lunch

I'm always happy when I can use absolutely everything in the cupboard and nothing goes to waste. This can be very challenging with a varying appetite like mine and fondness to fresh produce. Sometimes really creative and even odd dishes are created through this method. This one wasn't quite as adventurous, I just happened to have a couple of tortilla wraps in an open packet that had to come away, so I decided to wrap Monday's dinner, Harlequin squash spelt risotto with halloumi, into it and bake in the oven until the tortilla was crispy. This was indeed a nice tasting lunch for the next day. Otherwise I packed into my lunchbox for that day a few apple slices, salty potato rings and a Leicester cheese stick. I was very happy eating these things.

How do you like recycling food and creating new dishes from left-overs?

Have a nice Friday everyone!

Your VegHog

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