15 November 2015

Lately in my kitchen

Here is a little post about my recent cookings, new food and cooking utensils in my kitchen. I try to make such posts more often, as I enjoy reading similar posts to hear about nice products.

I didn't buy much foodie stuff on my recent trip to Germany, as I was only travelling with a hand luggage, but here are some of the items that I brought with me. I just had to get this cute hedgehog cookie cutter as an addition to my wide selection of hedgehog themed kitchen items. I can't wait to use it for some gingerbread cookies soon.

I really like Spätzle, traditional southern German egg noodles, very much and often make my own ones, but since it was now available I bought a packet of the ready made ones. They'll be very handy for some weekday meals.

My partner insisted on this mustard from Düsseldorf that is flavoured with the local dark beer Altbier. I doubt that I'll be using that myself, but then there'll be more left for him.

Halloween was a while ago, but I even still have some of these chocolates left. They are extremely tasty and that's why I only want to eat one every now and again as a special treat.

I also still have some pumpkin ales left, but I don't think that those are strictly for Halloween either. This Pumpkin IPA by Flying Dog is just an exquisite drink, perfect for this season.

Recently I bought this tasting and distilling logbook for whiskey tasting notes. I haven't started filling it yet, but it's a neat little book.

These food labels from Ikea are really nice. They could be used for some foodie gifts for Christmas.

My partner makes a great spinach pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. It's one of his regular dishes and I'm always more than happy to eat it.

So, that was a little overview of some of my new acquaintances and purchases. Have a nice week everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. Lovely kitchen things and eats. Cute hedgehog cutter. My husband would love the beer mustard too. I must take a trip to Ikea, its been a long while (and try out their vegan 'meatballs')

    1. Oops, I have forgotten to reply to your comment, I'm really sorry about that. Do Ikea now have vegan meatballs!!?? I think I should pay them a visit, I need their gingerbread dough for that hedgehog cutter as well. The results may be soon seen here. :)


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