19 December 2015

Joulutortut – Christmas pastries

Joulutortut (“Christmas tarts”) are an iconic Finnish Christmas pastry and they are eaten in most Finnish households at Christmas. Normally they contain plum jam, but I decided to use raspberry instead, as I'm not such a big fan of the plum variation. Red is also a nice seasonal colour for these.

Ingredients for 12 tarts

320 g all butter puff pastry
12 tsp raspberry jam
1 tbsp icing sugar


I forgot to take a photo of the shape how the puff pastry should be cut, so I made a basic pattern for you. First cut the puff pastry sheet into even squares, about 7x7 cm. Then cut the corners of each square as shown below.

Put one teaspoon of raspberry jam into the middle of each square.

Fold every other corner to the middle and lightly press them together.

Bake at 220C for about 10 minutes.

Dust the pastries with icing sugar and enjoy. Be careful if you eat them straight away as the jam will be very hot for a while.

Your VegHog


  1. they look lovely - must try one year but will not fit it in this year :-(

    1. Well, maybe next year then. There's too much good Christmas baking to be done, difficult to decide which ones you manage.


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