15 December 2015

Foodie presents and other Christmas treats

I wanted to post for you some nice seasonal foodie items that might be good ideas as Christmas presents or as treats for yourself. And once again I hope that my family members aren't reading the blog right now, as there may be some spoilers!

I already treated myself with this gorgeous cotton and pine bouquet. I will be in Finland for Christmas, but I still wanted to decorate my flat here in England a bit as well. Of course the Christmas lights have already been up since the first advent.

So here are some nice products that I have spotted and tried. Roasted salted nuts with a hint of hickory smoke are quite special, excellent nuts, but and all sorts of other nuts are perfect at Christmas as well.

I accidentally bumped into these Finnish style Danish sea salt liquorice and obviously had to buy them as a friend of all things liquorice.

Why not have some lightly salted Christmas tree tortilla chips or winter berries & prosecco crisps? The prosecco crisps really surprised me. They have edible gold stars on them as decoration and have quite a nice prosecco fizz in the taste. 

Vegetarian pies of all sorts are brilliant seasonal food and I just love the Christingle pie by Pieminister. It's a roast parsnip, Cheddar, leek and chestnut pie and very comforting.

Mulled wine and cider are things that I refuse to celebrate any winter fests without. Okay, maybe it's not quite that extreme, but they are nice warming drinks.

Chocolate, what shall I say... there will be plenty of it around and who can resist: pralines, drinking chocolate, chocolate spread – is that enough chocolate for now?

Nice labels, ribbons and wrapping paper are almost the best thing about Christmas and I found many cute animal themed things again this year!

This was just a quick compilation of some products, of course homemade presents are still unbeatable. Are you going to give food presents this year?

Your VegHog


  1. My god, I love every gift , you have some lucky friends, I hope they know that , have a nice Christmas

  2. YEs I will have one of each please - esp the mulled wine - what a great selection - hope you are enjoying the festive season

    1. Thank you! I'm indeed starting to enjoy more when the festivities are drawing closer. :)

  3. I love mulled wine this time of year, I haven't picked up a bottle yet - but will certainly do so soon. And the white mulled wine intrigues me. I am also digging the M&S christmas tree tortilla chips - and guess what M&S has just opened up in the town where I work, I will be payin a visit soon.

    1. The white one with saffron is really nice. Haven't tried any other white mulled wines before. Have fun visiting M&S, they have a nice selection of stuff!


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