10 December 2015

Halloumi and red pepper sandwiches

Here is only a quick post to say that I'm still here, even though mainly quiet. I'm only keeping quite busy, so unfortunately don't have too much time for posting. I really hope that I can catch up a bit more over the weekend, even though I do have many plans for then, *sigh...

So anyway, in this post there's a food theme as well. These halloumi and red pepper sandwiches are just my kind of breakfast or lunch when I want something more substantial. For these I used wonderful olive ficelle as bread, fried halloumi slices golden brown and topped with fresh red pepper slices. I quickly toasted the cut sides of the ficelle on a frying pan and brushed them with a garlic clove. These sandwiches were very good, but try adding some hummus and they would be getting even better!

I promise that I will post something better soon. How is your week going?

Have a nice Friday and weekend!

Your VegHog

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