14 December 2015

Chestnut and shallot tarte tatin

Here comes a dish that can be a serious contender to a nut roast when celebrating a vegetarian Christmas or any other winter fest. There are small shallots and chestnuts balsamic glazed on a tarte tatin accompanied by some dried cranberries, which make such a wonderful seasonal dish together.

I found the recipe in this article: Our 10 best roast dinner centrepiece recipes and it's The not nut roast: Chestnut and shallot tarte tatin by Rosie Reynolds. Once I made the tarte tatin, I absolutely loved it!

The only devious task in this recipe is prepping 500 g of small shallots, which can take a while. Otherwise this is quite an easy recipe for a tarte tatin, as long as the turning over bit goes well.

I'm not going to repeat the recipe here, as the perfect instructions are already in that Guardian article. I would really warmly recommend you to try this dish, it's something different for a change. What do you think of this recipe?

Your VegHog


  1. Looks good and autumnal, which I hope you don't mind me saying so as I know it is supposed to be a winter dish. I am using chestnuts too, but have not used the brand you shared, I will have to seek them out and see how they compare with the brand I've used in the past.

    1. No I don't mind at all, I do also agree that it looks very autumnal. These chestnuts were very good, but not sure if they were much better than my normal brand without a direct comparison.


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