23 March 2016

March mood

Here are a few random items and foods from March, as weirdly the month is nearly ending! I will be traveling over Easter, but I still wanted to have a little bit of Easter atmosphere in my flat beforehand. So I bought this wonderful huge chocolate rooster to cheer me up. I've already had it for several weeks, and it still makes me smile. When I carried it to the till at the shop, it even made some fellow shoppers smile, what a presence!

Even though I'll be in Finland over Easter and can get the local goodies over there, I still ordered a few Mignon eggs by Fazer online and awkwardly decorated them with a Sharpie. Mignons have a real hen egg shell filled with very tasty solid chocolate and they are a lot of fun this time of the year.

Hotel Chocolat's H-Boxes are always good for any season, but I did really like the looks of The Egglet H-Box. I'm taking a couple of these to Finland for my family members.

I bumped into Karkli at Craft Beer Rising in London. It's an unique Indian snack made according to a family recipe, nice packaging and wonderful taste.

This year I just don't have the time and strength to make an own post of the Winchester Beer and Cider Festival, which I visited last Friday. It was a really nice event as usual, especially seeing the sign of spring in the green beer again. Here are a couple of pictures from the festival.

For a while now I've had a preferred cheese again, and it has been aged Havarti. It's so nice and tasty and versatile to use, I'm only fearing that they'll discontinue it in my shop as they often do.

I recently obtained this Fermenting Food book and can't wait to make some pickled vegetables and such like. Do you have experiences of fermenting food?

Here is one of my recent salad lunch boxes containing cheese and baguette, fresh pea shoots, tomatoes and carrot sticks with hummus and olives.


  1. No kidding, def. lots of lovely things in your kitchen in March. I've never seen havarthi cheese in the UK, so its good to know its available now, will seek it out. I love those Indian snacks too, but have not heard or seen that brand. Love the package design. and yes, that Rooster is gorgeous, so much more appealing than the rabbit with the bell! Hope you have a good Easter break. I will be travelling too, not overseas though. I am off to see my MIL in Essex for a long weekend. Take care.

    1. At least Waitrose has that aged Havarti and I've sometimes seen other brands elsewhere, rarely though. Here's a link to the Indian snacks page: http://www.chomponkarkli.com/ they were really good, perhaps not the cheapest, but so unique!
      I think I will never eat my rooster, we'll see... :D
      I hope you'll have a nice Easter too, enjoy!

  2. your easter goodies are lovely - I've never seen those mignon easter eggs but they are so cute - would be fun to decorate (cute hedgehogs) - and the rooster made me smile too - lots of other lovely food - fantastic lunch and I am intrigued by the green beer or drink. What is it? Enjoy your easter in finland

    1. I did quite enjoy my Easter collection this year, found a lot of good stuff. :) The green drink is indeed beer, "Sign of Spring" by Stonehenge Ales. It tastes exactly like normal beer, but the colour does fool your brain while drinking it. Happy Easter to you too Johanna!


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