2 March 2016

Spinach gnocchi with roasted tomatoes, pine nuts and mozzarella

Here is only a quick post for a quick weekday meal, as I'm having a busy week once again. Hopefully I can cook and post more accomplished dishes soon. Today's dish is spinach gnocchi with roasted tomatoes, pine nuts and mozzarella. I really enjoy this kind of dishes as weekday dinners and in a bit smaller scale as work lunches.

The dish is quick to make because the gnocchi are shop bought and everything else can be tossed easily together.

I roasted the tomatoes, but they can also be fried in a hot pan. Roasting them leaves you time to do the other preparations in the meanwhile.

I fried finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil until soft, then added the roasted tomatoes and toasted pine nuts to the pan and seasoned the mix lightly with salt and pepper.

Once the gnocchi were cooked, I just mixed everything together and served with some mozzarella balls and grated vegetarian pasta cheese on the top.

It's such an easy dish and saves much time on busy weekdays. Add some fresh basil leaves, if you happen to have them around and it's perfect!

Have further a nice week!

Your VegHog


  1. You can't beat a good gnocchi dish, yum. And those mozzarella balls look so cute, shame you have to eat them :)


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