24 March 2016

Blood orange sorbet

Just look at those colours, how delightful they are, especially now that Easter is fast approaching! I probably won't be able to post that many Easter dishes, as I will be visiting my family in Finland, but this one I made a little bit in advance, a vibrant blood orange sorbet.

I have been hoarding the seasonal blood oranges and bumped into Felicity Cloake's article How to make the perfect blood orange sorbet. So I decided to follow it and the results are in the picture. Of course the quantity was much more than depicted in that one portion and I still have some left. The taste of the sorbet is extremely fresh and strong. I would really urge you to try this recipe, if only you can obtain some blood oranges that seem to disappear from the shops as soon as they come in!

Have a lovely Easter everyone! I try to post something from Finland and Denmark, at least on social media. Otherwise I will share my travel photos later also on the blog.

Your VegHog


  1. Blood orange is a favorite delight of mine.
    The color is so vivid in the one you made. :)
    I will make this soon! Thank you for sharing.


    1. I'm glad you like it. It was very intense tasting. Blood oranges are also a big favourite of mine.

  2. i do love a good sorbet, I found some blood oranges recently but made a dressing for it for a pasta dish. I am hoping to use up the others soon, would love to make this sorbet - but I am still feeling cold.

    1. Oh, a blood orange for a pasta dish sounds wonderfully intriuging, I really want to try that!


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