30 June 2016

Eat Your Greens June Round Up

Where has June already gone? This summer is rushing by again and quite frankly the weather could be better over here. However there's a positive side to that too, as I can share one more Eat Your Greens round up with you. In the beginning of this month I called for Eat Your Greens entries and got several lovely summer recipes. Just look at the variety in the green collage above, so vibrant! Here are the June recipes.

Janet from The Taste Space shared with us a Three-Bean Salad with Asparagus and Coconut Dressing. It's a very wholesome and filling salad containing steamed asparagus, green beans, yellow beans, butter beans and green peas, served with a fragrant coconut dressing. It sounds great and so healthy! The recipe is originally from from Allison Day’s cookbook Whole Bowls.

Helen from Roast Chicken and a Country Walk made a Grilled Sweetcorn, Samphire and Avocado Salad. She grilled the corn cobs and combined them with lettuce, samphire and avocado and many other good ingredients to make a vibrant looking summer salad. I really like the touch of samphire in this and do agree that fresh sweetcorn is so much better in comparison with tinned one.

Laura from Touch Wood cooked a dish from her home country Macedonia, Spanakopita. Spanakopita is a very tasty filo pastry dish made with spinach and feta cheese. Laura also added spring onions for some extra greens. I wouldn't mind eating these anytime!

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe posted a Vegan lasagne with cauliflower, hummus and tofu "ricotta". Now this is a different kind and intriguing vegan lasagne adapted from a recipe in the Taste Space. It contains baby spinach as the greens and the special bit is the vegan ricotta made from cauliflower, tofu, hummus and seasoning. This recipe sounds very interesting and I really want to try it, as it's so different to my regular veggie lasagnes.

Another vegan dish comes from Shaheen, my Eat Your Greens co-host, from Allotment 2 Kitchen. She shared a recipe for a Miso Bowl with Sea Vegetables, Asparagus, Edamame and Soya Beans. It's a miso soup full of greens, like asparagus, edamame beans, spring onions and coriander, something I've been wanting to make for a long time. Maybe I'll now have enough inspiration after seeing Shaheen's wonderful post.

Helen from Family Friends Food prepared Asparagus carbonara with sun dried tomatoes. Asparagus is also the main star of this savoury pasta dish. It's made in the fashion of a vegetarian pasta carbonara combining asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. I would happily eat a plate full of this.

Corina from Searching for Spice shared with us a Roasted butternut squash salad. I really adore roasted squashes, as they make a salad so filling and tasty. The squash in the combination with pecan nuts and feta on a bed of greens sounds just great.

Another salad entry comes from Lisa from Food and Spice. She posted this Dressed up kale salad, which is adjusted from Green Gourmet Giraffe's recipe. The salad is full of kale with a tahini, lemon and maple syrup dressing. This is a very healthy and green dish.

My own Eat Your Greens post was Swiss chard bubble and squeak. The recipe and inspiration are by Nigel Slater, although I changed the dish a bit from his recipe, for example by using swiss chard instead of cabbage. Anyway I thought that it was a very nice recipe to use summer greens and even left-overs, if you like.

So these were all June contributions. Thank you so much again everyone for participating and reading. I am now passing the hosting back to Shaheen for July 2016. Keep sharing those beautiful recipes!

Your VegHog


  1. Wowzer, what a fantastic round up and so many delicious greens, all so so good, but I am especially loving the Macedonia spankopita - Yum. Thank you so much for hosting.

    1. I fully agree with you, so many nice and versatile veggie recipes. Summer is of course a good time for that, so let's hope that July will be equally inspiring. It was my pleasure hosting as always!

  2. Great ideas for the summer. Thanks for wrapping this up.

  3. Great ideas for the summer. Thanks for wrapping this up.

    1. Thank you Janet for taking part again! :)


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