28 June 2016

Rainy mac 'n' cheese day

Today started off nice and sunny over here, but by the time I was returning home from work, it was just a miserable rain wetting me through and through, even when trying to carry an umbrella. Oh well, sometimes it happens, and in Britain it tends to happen a bit more than elsewhere, but at least I could stop by the local pub for a pint and warming up.

Once I arrived home I just wanted to have a comfy evening in and remembered that I had frozen a couple of ramekins of homemade mac 'n' cheese. A while ago I made a larger batch of this “healthy” mac 'n' cheese, but didn't get around posting the recipe. I call it healthy only due to the wholewheat pasta used, lack of cream and only a small amount of cheese added. These photos are still from the time when I first made the dish, therefore they don't look too gloomy. Now it turns out that I never wrote down the recipe. It wasn't very special anyway, so I try to summarise it below.

I used organic wholewheat gomitini from Sicily instead of macaroni. I added a little bit of fried onions and garlic to the cooked pasta, then some vegetable stock and cheese and breadcrumbs on the top. I think I seasoned it just with salt, pepper and basil. It was quite a nice weekday meal after baked and served with salad, so I can't complain to have this “ready-meal” today either.

How is your week going?

Your VegHog


  1. Comfort food not just for rainy days, but for when you just want a big hug from a bowl! I have had that pasta, its very different - I did not dislike it, but I wasn't that sure about it.

    1. In this dish I liked the pasta very much, but haven't tried it elsewhere yet. It is a bit different. I'll need to experiment more with it to form an opinion.

  2. Looks delicious - I always think that mac and cheese has a cheese sauce made with a roux - I think that is how my mum always made it


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