22 June 2016

Roasted new potatoes and sweetcorn cobs

Roasted new potatoes make such a great weekday meal combined with different sides. This time I just roasted some corn cobs with the potatoes and served crunchy lettuce leaves and homemade chilli and lemon butter on the side.

The potatoes don't need much attention while roasting, perhaps an occasional turning. Same goes for the cobs. I just brushed them with oil, covered their roasting tin with a foil and let them roast underneath the foil for about one hour. I finished them under the grill in the oven for a couple of minutes after removing the foil so that they would get even better grilling marks.

For the chilli and lemon butter I just chopped a red chilli and grated one lemon's zest and mixed them into butter. That's such an easy and good option for summer barbecues.

I really enjoyed this pretty effortless dish and will make such dishes many times more this summer, as I only rarely get the chance to do a real barbecue.

Your VegHog

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