4 February 2017

In My Kitchen in February

Good to see Lizzy back hosting In My Kitchen after a festive season break! So I'm also going to share a few things from my kitchen in February.

First of all here's a little example of my typical weekly shopping containing vegetables, fruit, snacks, juice, veggie sausages, cheese and other things. I'm really glad to see that the blush and blood orange season has started and try to hoard as many of them as I can. 

Recently I purchased these cute Bento moulds to make wonderful animal onigiri etc. I already posted one Bento box post in January and can't wait to make more. 

Cactus water is incredibly refreshing, only a bit pricey, but sometimes I have to pamper myself with it. Drinking some early on a Monday morning can work wonders.

I wonder if I should be writing down recipes in my new Periodic Table of the Elements notebook?

I have mentioned pickling vegetables here and there on the blog and now I pickled some carrot strings. These are really nice additions to large roast meals, salads, lunchboxes etc.

Porridge oats are definitely an important staple in my dry cupboard. I often make a savoury Nordic style oatmeal porridge and also use the oats in my homemade spelt rolls. 

These fruit crisps are great in breakfast bowls, or just as snacks in between. I especially like the pineapple ones.

Tofu is a very important ingredient in my vegetarian kitchen and I quite like Clearspot's Cpt Beancurd character.

BrewDog's Chili Hammer is an excellent beer with some kick of chilli. Chilli is very interesting in beers, it's quite smooth and more than okay even for me who can't take too much heat.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Hi there and happy new year to you! Funnily enough, I tasted my first veg sausage yesterday... it was truly delicious. I adore blood oranges... we enjoyed a good season here. Tell me, what does the cactus juice taste like? Thank you for the very kind shout out. Happy cooking. x

  2. Haha! Captain Beancurd - aye aye :-)
    I like the look of your weekly shop! You should try Aloe Vera water, it's sweet and refreshing and can be diluted to make it less sweet and even more refreshing!

  3. I will be sharing my IMK post soon, but I do like having a nosy in other peoples kitchen. Clearspot must have changed their packaging recently as I don't recognise the one you have showcased, trip to Holland and Barrett this week.

  4. Great to see the picture of your weekly shopping. Have your tried maple water? It is also very refreshing. I will keep an eye out for cactus water, I only remember it being mentioned in old westerns where it was a life saver when caught in the desert.

  5. cute cute bento moulds. cactus water is new on me. sounds intriguing and refreshing. pickled veg are all the rage at the moment; you see them everywhere. but to be honest i'm not sure i like them :=) probably a foodie sin to admit that!


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