27 February 2017

Strawberry and cream buns

It's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, so I made these traditional Finnish Shrove Tuesday buns. I try to make them every year for this occasion, even though I don't bake much otherwise.

Ground green cardamom seeds give the buns their distinctive flavour and the buns are filled with lovely whipped cream and strawberry jam. Ever since my childhood I have loved these buns, they are just so tasty. This year my buns fell a bit flat. I might have put too little yeast or maybe the milk wasn't warm enough, so they became a bit more dense. They were still good, but didn't maybe look quite as appetising.

I have posted my standard recipe for the buns before, so please just have a look here, if you are interested in baking them.

Have a nice week!

Your VegHog


  1. looks like a fine shrove tuesday tradition - I have failed to find time for pancakes this year so sylvia bought a few from a shop - oh the shame!!!! Hope you enjoy your gorgeous buns!

    1. Well shop pancakes aren't too bad. I have none this year, I only had time for the Finnish tradition.


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