14 February 2017

Vegan Valentine

Will you be my vegan Valentine? Haha, I'm just having a bit of fun, I'm not really one for Valentine's Day. In Finland it's known as friends' day, Ystävänpäivä, which I find somewhat better. So I want to wish all my readers a very happy friends' day!

Somehow the season gripped me anyway, and I made some “romantic” lunchboxes for my partner and me containing beetroot coloured onigiri hearts made from sushi rice and some fresh vegetables and a spicy chilli-soy-sesameoil-dip. It was all presented in the style of a bento box. I cooked the sushi rice with a few beetroot bits in the pot in order to colour it red. I also added a umeboshi paste centre to the hearts, just a little bit, in order to have a spicy zing inside.

How are you spending Valentine's Day? Do you have any food traditions for it?

Your VegHog


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!
    This is so cute and colorful (& healthy). :9
    I am spending it in my husband's psychology class at this moment! His professor was my professor seven years ago!


    1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, belated though! That sounds quite cool with the psychology class.

  2. I like friends day - that is a nice tradition! And that beetroot hearts make the lunch look really pretty - we had a low key day - I made some cupcakes and will share them soon I hope!

    1. I was pleased to get a few friends' day messages. Cupcakes are always nice, looking forward to seeing your new creations.


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