16 April 2017

Hazelnut and kale pesto

It's nice to finally make some lighter spring dishes with all the new seasonal produce. I've already had some local asparagus, and it was so nice. I can't wait to spot more nice local produce in the shops and markets.

Kale has been used quite a lot in our kitchen lately. It's such a versatile green, and easy to cook with. I made this simple vegan nutty hazelnut and kale pesto, and enjoyed it very much. I tried it with pasta and with some rye crackers, and it was very flavoursome and fragrant in both dishes. Here's my recipe, if you want to try it too.

Hazelnut and kale pesto


2 cups kale
1 garlic clove
100 g hazelnuts
100 ml olive oil
Sprinkle of salt


Purée all pesto ingredients together, but remember that you can vary the ingredient amounts to get a nice and creamy pesto. 

I left some of the hazelnuts a bit larger chunks in the pesto, as I like the extra crunch.

Serve the pesto with pasta, breads, crackers, anything you like, and enjoy!

This pesto is my Eat Your Greens contribution for this month. I'm hosting the challenge this month myself, and the event is co-hosted by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen blog. Remember that there's still plenty of time to take part with your green recipes!

Your VegHog


  1. Yes EatYourGreens, I need to get my skates on an make something green this month. This pesto is one of my favourite recipes, I made it a while back (see below) so its nice to see your take on it http://allotment2kitchen.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/hazelnut-and-kale-pesto.html

    1. Yours looks lovely too and you were way ahead of your time with that, I just only now made this for the first time. But any pestos from seasonal greens are lovely, one of my other favourites is the radish leaf one, as then you don't have to chuck the leaves away.

      This month also got me a bit by surprise in regards to cooking challenges, it was so quickly mid month!

  2. I've done this with kale as well and spinach too. Pretty much with anything I have on hand. Yum.

    1. Yeah same for me, so many greens are good in a pesto.

    2. Just this week I started using garlic mustard. It's an invasive plant that it's the woods behind our trailer. It's so weird. It's a green leaf but tastes of garlic. Have you tried it?

    3. I haven't tried it, but it sounds great. I'll need to keep an eye out for it!


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