2 April 2017

Sushi Sunday

Sushi Sunday could be a thing, don't you think so too? At least I like making vegan sushi on Sundays, as I then have plenty of time pottering around in the kitchen and crafting these little things. I made these vegan sushi rolls last Sunday, and will unfortunately be eating something else today, but I wish it would be sushi again. At least I have my onigiri dish to look forward to that I have planned for some day next week.

This time I filled the sushi with different roasted vegetables that were glazed with an organic Japanese umami paste with ginger. I roasted some crown prince squash, green bell peppers and rainbow carrots. I also used firmly fried tofu as a filling. This umami paste was great, and can be used in a versatile way in Asian style of cooking. 

I simply enjoyed these sushi dipped into a sauce made with soy sauce, chilli, sesame oil and mirin. It was such a good meal, I think I could eat this sort of thing every day!

What's your favourite vegan sushi filling, and are you having some today?

Your VegHog

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  1. I was looking for "sushi" ie. The Cube...and I found YOU! Will be watching your next posts. Thanks.


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