20 August 2017

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2017

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival started on Friday, and we visited the main site on Israels Plads yesterday. They had some pretty neat vegetable displays, so I got a few cute pictures that I want to share with you today.

I also bought beautiful local vegetables, and can't wait to cook with them. I also bought a cute little pineapple tree (it's on one of the photos), and I hope that I can keep it alive.

Apart from the main site, cooking events are taking place all over Copenhagen for a week. Some of the events are vegetarian, but I haven't purchased tickets to any of them yet.

I hope you like these photos. I just can't get enough of beautiful vegetable photos.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I am envious and would love to have attended. so much goo fruit and veg and beautifully presented too, even the mushrooms look good to me. I love the tomato is a fruit quote, made me chuckle.

    1. Thank you! It's a good event. I also enjoyed the veg displays, a lot of eat your greens inspiration there! That quote is good!

  2. Great photos. The mushrooms in pots are fantastic and all those colourful veggies, just lovely.
    I'm going to have to borrow that quote for my Marsh Lane Facebook page - it's brilliant :-D

    1. Thanks! Yeah the quote is really funny. :)


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