24 August 2017

Rye bread with buttered chanterelles

The fresh chanterelles from Sweden have arrived in our vegetable markets, and I couldn't be more delighted about it. Even our tiny local supermarket has some! Chanterelles are my favourite mushrooms and I like using them whenever I can get hold of them. They are the true gold of the north and this is my favourite kind of comfort food.

This time I made a Nordic chanterelle classic, buttered chanterelles with onion on toasted rye bread. I also added some garlic, salt, ground black pepper and fresh thyme. I quickly fried the mushrooms in butter, but had to be careful not to fry them too long, as they can easily get soggy, and they only need a very brief frying. I rarely use real butter these days, but for some dishes it's definitely worth it.

The seedy rye bread was also from a local bakery that make such tasty breads and pastries. I have actually found my sweet tooth a little bit here again due to the pastries and lovely ice-cream available.

This was a wonderful Sunday brunch for us, which we will be enjoying more often in this fresh wild mushroom season. I'm even planning to freeze some, now that I'm at the source.

Your VegHog


  1. lovely simple meal to make use of fresh local(ish) produce and cute chopping board too

    1. This is just the kind of food that I want to be eating all late summer and autumn. :)


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