19 January 2018

Open mini tortillas

It's Friday night, finally! How has your week been, and what plans do you have for the weekend? I'm just glad to be at home now, although I'm still working a bit from home. I have some nice plans for tomorrow anyway, like a new local beer release party, and before that I will also go and vote in the Finnish presidential election at the embassy. It will be such an exciting day, I'm sure. It could also snow tonight, but the forecasts aren't fully agreeing on that. It should be a fairly chilly winter's day anyway.

Tonight we'll have a lentil curry night, which my partner is currently starting off by frying the onions, and I will soon continue cooking. But I wanted to share this dish briefly that I recently made: open mini tortillas with pinto beans, sweetcorn, bell pepper, tomato sauce, cheese and coriander. That's pretty much it, just add some warming spices like ground cumin, ground coriander, smoked paprika, chilli etc. to the sauce, and it's all good. I love this sort of dishes, and I was quite keen trying those cute mini tortillas from our local shop. They were good, very bouncy.

I hope that I'll manage to post something else this weekend as well, but we'll see. Have a good weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. Sounds lovely - we don't have weekend plans but as we have been having a busy time of it with holidays I think we need to relax and get over the heatwave (42 C yesterday). Hopefully will get a bit more tidying done and maybe read to Sylvia which is one of the lovely parts of just lounging around.

    Your tortillas look great. I am curious what you refer to when you say you added tomato sauce - is this home made (I gather it is not ketchup which we also call tomato sauce) or maybe a jarred pasta sauce?

    Enjoy your weekend - the curry sounds like a great way to start it

    1. Wow what a heatwave, that would be too much for me! I hope that you can relax a bit.

      Actually it wasn't so much a sauce, just some tinned tomatoes... and the curry was good too.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Mini tortillas and topping look good. We have no plans for the w/e as our week this week has been hectic, with new job and D going overseas to attend a friends funeral. So we are just lazying around. enjoy your weekend and the Beer release party, I am not a beer person - more wine, though tonight I will get D to make me a cocktail.

    1. Lazying around sounds very good! The beer release was actually very good, it was a cherry sour beer. I love that style.

  3. Cherry Sour Beer intrigues me, I would probably try it, but not finish it - thankfully I have a husband who will finish off my leftovers, which is good as neither of us like waste.


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