25 March 2018

My ultimate comfort food cravings at the moment

I collected some of my current comfort food cravings to this post. I soon hope to move on to lighter and more spring like cooking, as hopefully also the weather will get a bit warmer, and there will be lovely spring vegetables on offer. This is just a collection of dishes that I've eaten quite often lately. They are all cheap eats and perfect for a chilled night in.


As the first recipe I will have to highlight mac'n'cheese, as it's always a good idea to make. I've made mine lately milk-free (but not vegan, still with cheese), and used the pasta cooking water in the roux instead. This method works rather well to make silky smooth roux as the base. I normally season it with smoked paprika, garlic granules, little bit of vegetable stock powder, salt and pepper. The base is almost tasty enough without any cheese.

I've used some chunkier pasta in my mac'n'cheeses lately, which also seems to work very well.

Lebanese rice

My faithful readers will probably know that I absolutely adore this vegan dish of Lebanese style rice, also called Lebanese dirty rice. I make it often, as it's convenient, tasty and affordable. It's a slow-cooked rice dish with lentils, vermicelli pasta, roasted onions and spices. You can read my first blog post about this rice here, and also get the full recipe there.

Sometimes in the past I've served this dish with halloumi, which fits in very well, and adds extra comfort. Halloumi seems to be less popular in Denmark. It's less available, and many brands tend to be too “goatish” or “sheepish” for me and especially for my partner, so we haven't had it much ever since we left the UK.

Thai curry

Thai curries have been a lot in my kitchen this winter and early spring. I've also posted a few of them, like this one here. I've mostly made a golden curry with tofu and variable veggies in a fragrant coconut milk based sauce. This dish is of course vegan, just like the Lebanese rice.

Homemade pizza

I've made a lot of pizzas lately, and I've also posted some of them. Here is one of them from last Friday with loads of cheese, tomato sauce, green olives and pineapple. These are basically my favourite toppings on a thin spelt crust (yes pineapple definitely belongs on a pizza!), but I also use other toppings.

I enjoy making the crust, waiting for it to raise and prepping the toppings in the meanwhile. It's a nice anticipation.

What are your current comfort food favourites?

Your VegHog


  1. Everything that I like to be in a comfort meal. Yum.

    1. I agree! But still, I'm waiting for spring meals so much!

  2. These look great - I must try your rice dish - my comfort food with rice is often fried rice which I am planning tomorrow night - and I agree with you about pineapple on pizza - it is so good. And your mac and cheese looks fantastic - much nicer than one I had dining out recently which was not creamy enough.

    1. Hmmm fried rice, also very good! Surprisingly after a lot of experiments I have now managed a very creamy texture with this pasta boiling water method for the mac'n'cheese roux.


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