18 March 2018

Veggie burgers

Somehow I don't eat as many veggie burgers these days, as I used to do. Perhaps it was the more typical vegetarian option in Britain when eating out, so I somehow also ended up making them more at home over there. Of course they are also quite an usual dish here, but I just haven't had many lately. Now I felt like it was the time again.

I made these veggie burgers with a ready made breaded seitan burger accompanied by grated turnip, wilted spinach with garlic and tomato salsa on seedy buns, served with potato wedges. They were juicy, crispy and tasty. I really need to make veggie burgers more often, as they also are such an easy weekday meal, when the patty is ready made.

Have a good start to the new week!

Your VegHog

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  1. To be honest its not something i order when we eat or go out as they have become to common and an easy vegetarian/vegan option and I like something different. Saying that I do like veggie burgers and yours looks particularly good, esp. with the grated turnip.


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