30 August 2018

Vegetarisk Festival 2018 - Copenhagen VegFest

Last weekend we ventured to the Copenhagen VegFest, also known as Vegetarisk Festival 2018. I was gutted all year that I missed this event last year, so I wasn't going to let it slip this time. It was indeed a lovely happening with loads of good food. It actually turned out that everything was vegan and not just vegetarian. The location was a beautiful park close by the beach on the seaside. The weather was okay on the weekend, so it was a lovely day spent there.

We sampled several new and old vegan products, like Oumph! a Swedish protein product made from beans. Have you seen this product in shops elsewhere outside of Scandinavia? Also Hälsans Kök, Edgy Veggie and many more were there offering some tasty samples.

We ate Argentinian empanadas with portobello mushrooms, black beans and sweetcorn freshly grilled on flame. They were absolutely gorgeous, and gave me an inspiration to make my own empanadas.

The delightful Happy Not Dog truck was also there, and we had their vegan hotdog with all the traditional ingredients in gluten-free bread and rice-lentil patties with salad and dressing.

The food was so good. I could've eaten so much more there, but had unfortunately different dinner plans for the evening. Next year I will go prepared with a suitable hunger!

Here are some photos from the event. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.


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