25 November 2018

Vegan and vegetarian food scene in Copenhagen – Part 2

I started this Vegan and vegetarian food scene in Copenhagen series in June about good places for vegetarians and vegans to eat out in Copenhagen. If you missed part 1, you can find it here. Back then I introduced three lovely restaurants in Copenhagen offering nice vegan and vegetarian food and where I'm a regular (by the way, Madenitaly have gone fully vegan in the meanwhile).

Today I want to write again about three restaurants in Copenhagen. Two of them are vegan and one is a vegan and vegetarian friendly place.

  • Jægersborggade 39, 2200 København

Plantepølsen, aka the plant sausage, is a fairly new addition to Copenhagen's vegan scene, as they opened the restaurant this year, but they have already become my favourites.

They make vegan gourmet hot dogs with creative toppings. The hot dogs are so tasty and their different homemade vegan sausages are of very high quality. The menu never gets boring, even if you visit them more often.

This small restaurant is located in Jægersborggade in Nørrebro. It's a nice street with small shops and cafés, and I really like spending time in that area. Next weekend they will have a Christmas street party, which is always a great event. I really hope to get some vegan sausages then!

  • Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København N and Melchiors Plads 3, 2100 København Ø

Souls is a vegan restaurant offering high quality local food and cocktails in their two branches in Copenhagen. Their portions are colourful and inviting. Unfortunately I've only managed to visit them once, but the food was really tasty, so I'll have to go again soon.

They have a versatile menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Their dinner menu includes for example diverse vegan burgers, ramen, pizza and salads.

When I was there, I had a tasty seitan sandwich and my friend had a pancake stack with fruit. It was a lovely place for a cosy lunch. By the way, my photos were taken in much warmer times, no more outdoor dining here!

La Neta
  • Nørrebrogade 29, 2200 København

La Neta is one of my regular places that I like to visit especially for a relaxed Saturday lunch. It's a Mexican restaurant serving tacos and quesadillas, and they have many vegan and vegetarian options. They also serve good quality craft beer by Mikkeller and other brewers.

I like the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, and the food is outstanding. My main favourites are potato quasadillas, refried beans quesadillas, Mexican rice and totopos with refried beans, but they have several other options that I also occasionally enjoy.

Here are links to the websites of these restaurants, if you want to have a browse: Plantepølsen, Souls and La Neta. What do you think of these places? Would you be interested in visiting some of them?

Have a great Sunday!

Your VegHog


  1. They look like great places to visit - especially Souls, what a fab building!

  2. The Mexican food looks delicious. I love cuisines that have traditional vegetarian dishes -- much more than foods that are based on meat dishes but don't have the meat. Especially Indian vegetarian food, Mexican vegetarian food, Italian vegetarian pastas, and Jewish non-meat dishes. In Paris last week we kept walking past a vegan hot-dog shop, but never tried it.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. I just love Mexican food, and you're right there are naturally many vegetarian dishes in that cuisine, which is nice.

  3. These cafes all look great - I am particularly impressed by the plant sausage place - what a great concept because we have a german sausage place at our vic market where I really wish they had veg sausages! But I would love to eat at any of these places.

    1. I'm planning a visit to Plantepølsen again tomorrow, as there will be a street Christmas party in their street. They have made a special Christmas hot dog, so hopefully I'll get to taste that. It would be nice, if your local sausage place would have some veggie options as well.


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