1 December 2018

Eat Your Greens November Round Up

It's time to present the final Eat Your Greens Round Up for 2018, as we will be having a break in December, and will be back again in January 2019.

November was again a vibrant month for green cooking regardless of the dark and bleak weather. I'm happy to share these contributions with you.

Laura from Touch Wood blog shared a Beetroot leaves and other greens Pesto. Her pesto is very green and it contains kale, beetroot leaves and herbs. It's the perfect versatile sauce to be added to many dishes, and nice usage of different greens.

Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen posted a Brussels Sprouts Poryial (South Indian Brussels Sprouts with Coconut). Lisa's dish is very creative using brussels sprouts with Indian spices in a poriyal, which is a vegetable curry from the South Indian cuisine. I like the sound of this combination and am tempted to try sprouts in a curry myself.

My Eat Your Greens co-host Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen made a Burnt Green Cauliflower Quiche. She made the creamy and cheesy quiche with a green cauliflower, hence the greenness. Different vegetable quiches are brilliant food to enjoy either hot or cold as Shaheen points out.

Spécialiste de l'éphémère from L'éphémère quotidienneté des repas et autres trucs de magie cooked Soupe de brocoli de Ju. This soup is made for her daughter, who loves her greens, which is always nice to hear. The soup is a comforting potato and broccoli soup, just the kind that I also like very much.

My own recipe was Pan-fried brussels sprouts with roast potatoes, beurre blanc and cauliflower cheese. This is just a plateful of different dishes that I like to eat as a roast dinner or even Christmas dinner. I also used brussels sprouts as my greens, as I really like using them in this season.

Thank you so much everyone for taking part in Eat Your Greens in November and throughout the whole year! Best wishes to you all for a lovely festive season from Shaheen and I, see you again in January 2019 with more green recipes!

Your VegHog


  1. Some lovely contributions from fellow bloggers and I see the sprouts feature heavily to welcome the festive season! Also Thank you so much for hosting the final Eat Your Greens Round Up for 2018. Look forward to doing it all again next year.

    1. Thank you Shaheen, it has again been a great year, I can't wait to continue next year! :)

  2. All looks lovely - the potato and broccoli soup looks like one I could try for my daughter though I suspect she is harder to please than the Specialiste's daughter

    1. I adore broccoli soup so much and this reminded me to make one again. I like mine extra creamy, then it's not so healthy anymore.


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