15 December 2018

Broadbean and rice frikadelles

How has your week been? I hope not too busy. Mine was just fine with normal routines, but today I'll need to do some Christmas shopping. I won't be buying many presents this year, but just small trinkets to a few people. I'm actually quite looking forward to it, as I haven't been to shops much lately. Afterwards we will stop by at our favourite street food market, which will be closing for the winter after this weekend. Otherwise there aren't many plans, we will just try to take it easy.

I made a vegan version of a beloved Danish food, frikadeller or frikadelles, which traditionally are fried meat patties. I thought that they would be nice with a bean and rice mix, as I once already tried vegan frikadelles with lentils and rice. I used three types of broadbeans in my frikadelles: whole dried ones, split dried ones and dried broadbean crush. They were all of course cooked prior to making the frikadelles. I'm not sure, if this is necessary, but I just happened to have broadbeans in different shapes, and had to use some ends of packets.

On the side I served crispy roast potatoes and pan-fried brussels sprouts and carrots. I again used the cabbage karma spice in the brussels sprouts, which was very nice. So here is my recipe for the broadbean and rice frikadelles.

Broadbean and rice frikadelles


½ cup rice
1 cup cooked broadbeans
¼ cup cooked split broadbeans
¼ cup cooked broadbean crush
½ red bell pepper
fresh thyme
chilli powder
black pepper
Vegetable oil for frying


Cook the rice and beans and mix them together by slightly mashing the whole broadbeans.

Grate the bell pepper and also add it to the mix.

Season the mix and shape frikadelles from it. You can add a little bit of flour in case the dough is too moist.

Cook the frikadelles on both sides in hot oil until crispy on the outside.


Your VegHog


  1. I am just back from Christmas shopping, went to Covent garden and I got so excited in kiki-K getting the most cutest cookie gift bags ever !!! I love your veggie burgers, very nutritious and fulfilling xx

  2. That plateful does look delicious and I like the idea of using broad beans like that.


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