26 April 2020

Vegan fish & chips

It’s a nice and sunny Sunday. I’m baking rolls from local artisanal flour. Once we have tasted those rolls, we will go for a walk by the seaside. Luckily the place where we tend to go isn’t too popular, so it’s easy to keep distance from other people.

But before I’ll go, I want to share this dish with you that I made over Easter: vegan fish & chips. Sometimes it’s nice to cook a vegan or vegetarian version of a classic dish. I tried these new seitan “fish” filets that I happened to find in the shop. By the way, this Veganz range seems pretty good in general. I’ve tasted a few of their products. For example the nuggets are probably the best vegan nuggets I’ve ever had. This is just my opinion and not an ad, let alone sponsored in any way.

I pre-fried the filets, and then battered them with cider batter and fried again. They were quite good, just perfect for this purpose, if you want to make vegan fish & chips. The chunky chips were also twice-cooked, first boiled and then finished in the oven to get them nice and crispy. I served peas, radish and lemon with them.

Have you been cooking vegan or vegetarian versions of old classics lately?

Your VegHog


  1. Ah the sea style slices look like a good alternative to fish and i like how your made the batter for it, it looks so good. Enjoy your walk.

    1. I've made a similar batter for halloumi before and I could imagine that it would work with tofu too. The walk was also good, even though it was a bit cloudier today.


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